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Otavalo is a largely indigenous town in the Imbabura Province of Ecuador. The town, which is in a valley, is surrounded by the peaks of Imbabura (4,610 meters), Cotacachi (4,995 meters), and Mojanda volcanoes.

Otavalo was an area made up principally of farming communities, but with the growth of tourism, the town has begun to focus more on the making of handicrafts which have made the Saturday market a popular stop with visitors to Ecuador.

Tourism has become the town's main industry and as a result there are many more hotels, hostels, and tour operators than other similarly sized Ecuadorian towns.
List of Spanish Schools in Otavalo
 Otavalo Spanish Institute
Otavalo, Spanish School in Ecuador     
Address: Av. 31 de Octubre 476 y Juan de Salinas. 3rd floo
Otavalo, Ecuador
 General info about this Spanish school
Program type: Intensive Spanish in Ecuador
Housing: Homestay
School / Course(s): The Otavalo Spanish institute offers 2-week intensive Spanish classes and 4-week intensive Spanish classes. The Spanish courses offered include exursions to sights of interest in and nearby to Otavalo. A volunteer project is also available.