Learn French at a French Language School in France

Learning French in France at a French language school for foreigners has long been a popular, effective, and really fun way of learning French. There are many French schools in France offering a wide range of French language classes. There are French language schools that offer French classes in larger cities like Paris, Strasbourg, and Lyon. There are also French language schools offering French for foreigners in France's popular tourist destinations as well. You can learn French in Nice, Cannes, Perpignan, Montpellier, or any number of cities. If you prefer to take French classes at a French school in a quieter destination, can find one on Language School Links.com.

French schools throughout France offering French language classes, French culture courses, and more!
French Courses in France

French Schools in Paris
French Schools in Montpellier
French Schools in Nice
French Schools in Marseilles
French Schools in Biarritz

LSF French School

LSF French School, French Language School in Montpellier, France
French in Montpellier

alpha.b, French Language School in Nice, France
French in Nice

Centre Linguistique pour Etrangers, French Language School in Tours, France
French in Tours
Institut Parisien

Institut Parisien, French Language School in Paris, France
French in Paris
French in Normandy

French in Normandy, French Language School in Rouen, France
French in Rouen
Language Schools by Destination Type
There are language schools throughout France and you can choose the type of learning/study abroad experience that interests you most:

French schools by the sea
French schools in northern France
French schools in southern France
What does it cost to study abroad in France at a French language school?
(Avg. price of Tution for 80 class hours per month)
City 1 Month 2 Months 3 Months
6 Months
Bordeaux 735 1435 1740 3480
Lyon 555 1071 1575 3150
Marseilles 370 740 1025 2050
Montpellier 780 1494 2182 4363
Paris 891 1751 2608 5215

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