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Learning French in France During Vacation

Can you take French classes in France during your vacation? Absolutely yes! Not only can people study French in France during the vacations, many do.

Many people choose to study French in France during their vacations. There are French schools located throughout France, so whatever your vacation interests might be, you are sure to find a French school where you can learn French.

Paris and Montpellier, two of France's popular tourist and vacation destinations, each have a number of French schools. Many French schools offer classes consisting of a minimum of two-weeks of classes. Some, however, offer classes for as little as a week. (If you can, opt for at least two weeks.)

Many of France's most popular seaside tourist destinations (see French schools by the sea) also each have a number of French schools. Regardless of where you want to Spend vacation time in France, therefore, you are just about guaranteed to find a French school.

One of the great things about learning French at a French language school in France during your vacation is that you immediately meet people from all over the world who are also there to learn French. Some may be in France to learn French on a short-term basis while other may be there to learn French on a long-term basis. Either way, they form a community while they are in France together, and when you arrive in France to learn French, you become a part of that community.

In addition, when you study French during your vacation in France, you really get to experience France in a different way. You will see more and learn more than you otherwise would, even if you spend hour upon hour at the beach or in one of France's many cafs, restaurants, and bars. And when you are spending time in all of those great places, you will have plenty of great company from your French school!