How Long Should You Study Italian?

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How long should you study Italian in Italy?

You will learn more Italian at an Italian language school in Italy and you will learn it faster if you study Italian at a language school in Italy than any other way. In-country language acquisition is the the most effective means of learning a language, and learning Italian in Italy is no exception! You will be surprised to see how fast you will learn compared to all of your high school Italian classes and college Italian classes combined!

How long you should study Italian in Italy depends on your reason for studying Italian in Italy. Whatever your motives, it is better to study at least some Italian in Italy than no Italian in Italy at all!

Ideally, you would study Italian in Italy for a semester to 6 months. In a six month period most all of the Italian schools listed on this site will cover completely all Italian grammar. Your foundation in the Italian language, therefore, will be a solid one. Add to that the additional materials used in Italian classes to introduce Italian history, culture, and related issues, and you will really learn a lot of Italian. Yes, you will speak Italian!

If 6 months is too, long, you may consider a semester of study. Remember, direct enrollment abroad at an Italian language school in Italy is significantly less expensive traditional study abroad programs. Add to this the thorough nature of Italian instruction and you are still getting yourself a great deal and a fantastic learning experience.

Two to three months is at the lower end of the spectrum if you want not only to learn Italian, but also to be highly conversational or fluent in Italian. While a two or three month stint in Italy won't necessarily make you a fluent speaker, two or three months of learning Italian in Italy will contribute significantly to how much Italian you know and how well you speak Italian.

Learning Italian in Italy for less than two months is, for many reasons, just as rewarding a study abroad learning experience as longer stays. In fact, if you spend two months studying Italian in a summer program at an Italian school in Italy, you will have one of the best times of your life! And you will still learn quite a bit of Italian!

One-month stays to learn Italian in Italy are quite common. Many Europeans have a month of vacation time and they choose to spend it learning Italian in Italy. In fact, they may spend several of their vacations over a period of years returning to Italy to learn more and more Italian. Learning Italian in Italy, for those of you who choose to do it, is more than just learning Italian and it is more than just a study abroad experience. For many, it is one of the best experiences that many people have, and so they repeat it often!

Learning Italian in Italy for less than a month is still a popular activity. Many Americans, for example, do not have a month of vacation time, and those who do are often not permitted to take it all at once. For this and other reasons there are people to choose to learn Italian in Italy for as few as two weeks.

Can you learn anything in two weeks? At 20 hours a week, you will have had 40 class hours of Italian class in just two weeks. Yes. You will learn. You can't develop fluency in just two weeks, but you will learn quite a bit of Italian, and you will know that you have learned quite a bit of Italian by the time your Italian program in Italy is over.