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Learn Italian in Cagliari, Italy

Cagliari is the capital of the Italian Island Sardinia (Sardegna). Cagliari itself has a population of approximately 160,000 inhabitants, while the Cagliari metropolitan area has approximately 500,000 in total.

One of the great things about learning Italian in Cagliari at an Italian language school is that you have Sardinia itself to explore. Rich in history, culture, natural scenery and beaches. Learning Italian in Sardinia means not only a great learning vacation, but also a chance to explore some of Italy's rich Mediterranean history.
List of Italian Schools in Cagliari
L'Accademia, Italian Language School in Italy     
Address: via Angioi, 34
Sardegna, Italy
 General info about this Italian school
Program type: Intensive Italian in Italy / Learn Italian in Italy
Housing: Italian homestay, hotel, B&B
School / Course(s): Italian cooking classes, sailing, Italian cultural activities available