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Learn Italian in Cefalù, Italy

Cefalù is an Italian town situated on the northern coast of Sicily, about 75 kilometers from Messina, the provincial capital. Cefalù itself is one of the region's major tourist attractions. It is home to a Sicilian Romanesque cathedral, a number of churches of historical or artistic importance, as well as other structures or vestiges of structures of historical importance, not to mention a number of Palazzi.

Learning Italian at an Italian language school in Cefalù offers the Italian language student a chance to experience rich Italian and Sicilian history, as well as enjoying the many offerings suited to the tourists who come to visit this interesting city.

List of Italian Schools in Cefalù
Kulturforum, Italian Language School in Italy     
Address: Corso Ruggero, 55
90015 Cefalù, Italy
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Program type: Intensive Italian in Italy / Learn Italian in Italy
Housing: Italian homestay, shared apartment, studio apartment, hotel
School / Course(s): Italian classes for business, Italian classes for tourism, Italian cooking classes available