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Milazzo is on the northern coast of Sicily, approximately 50 kilometers from Messina. It is located on the peninsula Capo de Milazzo.

Several civilizations settled in Milazzo, and signs of their presence persist. Historical finds from the Greco-Roman period to the Byzantine age show the presence of Arabs, Normans, Spaniards, and finally Italians.

Milazzo, like other Sicilian Italian-in-Italy destinations offers a rich mix of history and culture. Couple that with the great weather and Sicily's geography, and a stay at an Italian language school in Milazzo promises to be a rewarding experience.
List of Italian Schools in Milazzo
 Laboratorio Linguistico
Laboratorio Linguistico, Italian Language School in Italy     
Address: Via Nino Ryolo, 20
90857 Milazzo, Italy
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Program type: Intensive Italian in Italy / Learn Italian in Italy
Housing: Italian homestay, shared apartment, own apartment, hotel
School / Course(s): Italian cultural activities available