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Poppi is a small, beautiful hilltop town in Tuscany with a population of 6,000 residents. Poppi is most famous for its castle and the large library of historical manuscripts housed in the town.

Poppi is an Italian-in-Italy destination well suited for those who want to experience Tuscany's artistic, architectural, and historical wonders while at the same time enjoying the tranquility and beauty of the Tuscan countryside in a more intimate manner and at a more relaxed pace.

List of Italian Schools in Poppi
 Centro di Cultura Italiana Casentino 'Piero della Francesca'
Piero della Francesca, Italian Language School in Italy   
Address: Via Cesare Battisti, 5
52014 Poppi, Italy
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Program type: Intensive Italian in Italy / Learn Italian in Italy
Housing: Shared apartment, own apartment, agritourism/farm houses
School / Course(s): Italian cultural activities available