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Todi is a town situated in Umbria, in central Italy. It sits on a tall hill overlooking the river Tiber and has views in all directions.

For those who want to learn Italian in Italy, and who are looking for a more restful Italian-in-Italy destination than Italy's major tourist destinations, Todi is an option. It lies within close reach of Perugia, Assisi, Spoleto, Terni, Orvieto, and other smaller Umbrian towns that can be explored on weekends or on day trips.

List of Italian Schools in Todi
 La Lingua La Vita
La Lingua La Vita, Italian Language School in Italy     
Address: Via Mazzini 18
06059 Todi, Italy
 General info about this Italian school
Program type: Intensive Italian in Italy / Learn Italian in Italy
Housing: Italian homestay, apartment
School / Course(s): Italian cultural classes, activities available