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Learn Italian in Urbania, Italy

Urbania is located in the Italian region of Marche. It is noted for its ceramics and majolica production. The city lies approximately 100 kilometers to the east of Florence and is less than 50 kilometers from the Adriatic coast.

Urbania is an Italian-in-Italy destination for those who are not interested in mass tourism, but prefer to learn Italian in Italy in an entirely Italian environment, free of signs of tourism as an industry.

List of Italian Schools in Urbania
 Centro Studi Italiani
Centro Studi Italiani, Italian Language School in Italy   
Address: Via Boscarini, 1
61049 Urbania, Italy
 General info about this Italian school
Program type: Intensive Italian in Italy / Learn Italian in Italy
Housing: Italian homestay, shared apartment
School / Course(s): Italian cultural classes, Italian classes for business, Italian cooking classes available