Why learn Italian?

Over 100 Italian schools in Italy offering Italian language classes, Italian culture courses, and more!

Why learn Italian?

Italian is one of the most popular languages to study in the world. There are as many reasons for learning Italian as there are students and adults learning Italian at any one of the many Italian language schools in Italy.

For some, learning Italian is for pleasure. They learn Italian for the pleasure of living in Italy while they study the language. Oftentimes, they intend to spend more time in Italy in the future and know that speaking the language will come in handy, in addition to enabling them to experience Italy in a deeper, more sophisticated, and more pleasant manner.

Others, such as US students (and students from all over the world) choose Italy as their study abroad destination. Whether they spend one semester in Italy or an academic year in Italy, learning Italian is nearly always an important subject in their studies, if not the principal subject of their studies.

The Italian language is the gateway to a greater understanding of Italian art history, architecture, history, and culture. The greater ones ability in Italian, the easier it is to read primary source material and any other Italian material related to ones academic studies or interests.

Being able to effectively speak Italian also opens the way to pursue undergraduate or graduate studies in Italy at any one of Italy's famous universities. The ability to speak Italian, coupled with the experience of living abroad in Italy, becoming accustomed to a foreign culture, and enabling oneself to function in Italy as a foreign culture enables one to better understand all foreign cultures to a greater degree. Collectively, the experience of learning Italian as a foreign language and living in Italy enhances ones ability to function effectively in an increasingly global world—an attractive quality to future employers.

What place might Italian have in your life? Whether for personal or professional reasons, remember that Italy's rich culture and natural beauty make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and that the Italian economy is one of the largest in the world, making the ability to speak Italian a definite plus for anyone.