Why learn Italian in Italy?

Over 100 Italian schools in Italy offering Italian language classes, Italian culture courses, and more!

Why learn Italian in Italy in Italy?

Learning Italian in Italy will likely be one of the best learning experiences in your life. Learning Italian at an in-country Italian language school offers advantages and experiences than one can only experience in Italy itself.

Rapid language acquisition

Learning Italian at an Italian language school in Italy is the most effective means of learning Italian. The Italian language programs are held entirely in Italian and are designed to maximize the amount of Italian you learn. Although the Italian classes are held in Italian, they are designed especially for foreigners from all over the world and learning Italian in Italian is guaranteed to enhance the speed at which you learn Italian and the amount of Italian you learn during your stay in Italy. You will learn more Italian than you might expect!

Experience Italy

Learning Italian in-country means, by definition, living in Italy! Italy is one of the most beautiful, artistically and historically rich cultures in the world and is one of the world's biggest tourist and study abroad destinations as a result. Living in Italy means experiencing the architecture, history, and art of a uniquely gifted country.

Friends from all over the world

Students and adults from all over the world visit Italy's Italian language schools to learn Italian and live in Italy. When you study Italian at an Italian language school in Italy, you join an international group of fantastic people and share a common and unique experience. It is not uncommon to meet friends for life when you study Italian in Italy.

Furthermore, the friendships you cultivate with your fellow Italian students from all corners of the globe are educational experiences that open you eyes to a variety of foreign cultures from any of hundreds of countries.