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Wakayama is the capital city of the Wakayama Prefecture, situated in the Kansai region of Japan. The city as a population of over 385,000 inhabitants.

The city is home to the Wakayama Castle, several notable gardens, temples, shrines and beaches, as well as Marina City, which is located on a artificial island in Wakaura Bay.

List of Japanese Schools in Wakayama
 Wakayama YMCA
Wakayama YMCA, Japanese School in Japan     
Address: 1-12-13 Ota Wakayama
Wakayama, Japan
Email: wklngage@ymcajapan.org
Website: www.ymcajapan.org/wakayama/japanese/en/index.html
 General info about this Japanese school
Program type: Intensive Japanese in Japan / Learn Japanese in Japan
Housing: Student dormitory
School / Course(s): The Wakayama YMCA offers a 16 day Japanese summer course and a 6 day Japanese winter course, Short-Term Japanese courses (3 months of Japanese classes) as well as 1-yr Japanese course, 1.5-yr Japanese course, and a 2-yr intensive Japanese course.
Short-Term Japanese courses start in January, April, and October, with Japanese classes held Monday - Friday from 9am to 1pm. Long-Term Japanese Courses start in April (1-yr Japanese course and the 2-yr Japanese Course) and October (1.5-yr Japanese Course).
Extra-curricular activities, including cultural exchange events, community visits, and YMCA festivals are available.