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Arabic in Amman, Jordan

Amman has a population of approximatley 2,525,000 inhabitants and is the administrative capital and commercial center of Jordan. It is also the largest city in Jordan.

Amman sits atop seven hills, which are represented by the seven pronged star depicted on the Jordanian flag.

List of Arabic Schools in Amman
 Ali Baba International Center
Ali Baba, Arabic School in Jordan 
Address: Khalifeh Tower, Opposite main gate of University of Jordan
Amman, Jordan
 General info about this Arabic school
Program type: Intensive Arabic in Jordan
Housing: Furnished hotel-apartment, 3-star hotel, homestay (for female students)
School / Course(s): The Ali Baba International Center offers "Regular" Arabic courses, Intensive Summer Porgrams in Arabic, and Special Arabic Programs. Regular programs are offered throughout the year. Two types of regular programs are offered; 1-month programs and private programs. In a 1-month regular program a student takes 24 hours of Arabic language instruction; 3 times a week, 2-hours each time, for a period of 4 weeks.

An intensive summer program is a package consisting of the followings: a 1-month long intensive Arabic language course, a comfortable accommodation, and a weekly tour to a touristic site in Jordan. Four 1-month sessions are offered every year: in May, in June, in July and in August.