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Language School Links.com is your quick search-and-find website for language schools abroad!

Language School Links

Language School Links.com is an informational site intended to make easier your search for in-country language schools. We recognize the fun, effective, and in many other ways rewarding study abroad experiences that in-country language schools offer and we are pleased to have created an easy-to-use and informative source of information for you regarding language schools.

The staff at Language School Links.com have studied at almost 10 language schools and language programs offered by foreign universities in several different countries. We have used our knowledge and our experiences to gather a listing of language schools from which you are likely to locate a language school that best meets your needs.

While we have studied at several language schools, we have obviously not studied at all of them and cannot recommend particular language schools. The schools listed on our site do, however, constitute an excellent point of departure from which you can begin your school search.


If you have already studied at a language school listed on this site, or if you have made definite plans to do so, we invite you to leave us feedback regarding your experiences. Your feedback will help us to more effectively manage the site and provide quality information to you and all of our other visitors.