Many Classes to Choose From

Language School is your quick search-and-find website for language schools abroad!

Description of Language School Classes

In-country language schools offer a variety of different language courses. Some schools offer only a "standard intensive course" while others offer a mixed variety of courses.

Language School Classes:

  • Standard Course / Intensive Course
  • Semi-Intensive Course
  • Intensive +
  • Combination Course
  • Super Intensive Course
  • Total Immersion Course
  • Vacation / Holiday Course
  • Semester Course
  • Academic Year Course

What electives can you take at a language school abroad? Here are some examples:

  • Art History
  • Literature
  • History
  • Business writing, terminology
  • Prep courses for university entrance exams
  • Contemporary Issues
  • Culture & Traditions
  • The Economic and Political landscape
  • Culinary/Cooking classes

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