Direct Enrollment—the most affordable study abroad option.

Over 100 Spanish schools in Spain offering Spanish language classes, Spanish culture courses, and more!

What is direct enrollment abroad?

Direct enrollment abroad involves enrolling directly into a foreign "host school" or "host institution." Language schools in Spain and Spanish universities in Spain, for example often "host" US study abroad programs organized by US universities, language travel agencies, or other study abroad companies.

To illustrate the idea, suppose you decide to study abroad in Spain over the summer. Your university offers a study abroad program in Madrid, but it does not actually have its own campus in Madrid. Rather, they send you and your group to a Spanish language school or university they have selected. The teachers at the language school or Spanish university in Spain are the ones that actually deliver the program services, i.e., they are the ones who teach your Spanish language and culture classes.

Direct Enrollment in Spanish language schools is surprisingly affordable.

US students, teens, and adults (as well as people from all over the world) can enroll directly in any one of many Spanish language schools.

Traditionally, US students tend to study abroad in Spain and other countries via group study tours sponsored by their university, a language travel agency, or another form of study abroad operator/company. Increasingly, US students are picking up on the preferred Euroepean study abroad method, direct enrollment, because of the attractive cost and flexibility associated with direct enrollment.

Direct Enrollment—Costs to learn Spanish / study abroad in Spain.

What does it cost to learn Spanish / study abroad in Spain at a Spanish language school?
(Avg. price of tution + housing in a shared student apartment, in Euros.)
City 1 Month 2 Months 3 Months
6 Months
Alicante 930 1860 2790 5580
Barcelona 1067 2134 3201 6402
Cádiz 791 1554 2314 4628
Granada 874 1673 2460 4738
Madrid 1115 2200 3280 6413
Málaga 976 1923 2810 5612
Salamanca 759 1455 2101 4124
Seville 836 1624 2407 4763
Valencia 979 1930 2885 5751

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The sample costs listed are average 2010 costs for the Spanish schools listed on Language School

Direct enrollment: housing costs

If you enroll directly in a Spanish language school or Spanish university language and culture program for foreigners, the on-site administrative staff at the language school or university will generally take care of your housing arrangements. The most popular housing arrangements in direct enrollment study abroad programs are the same as any other study abroad program option: homestays (living with a Spanish family in Spain) and shared student apartments.

In general, the least expensive housing option is to live in a shared apartment with other students. A single room in a shared apartment will be slighly more expensive than a double room in a shared apartment. A single room in a Spanish homestay will be the most expensive (exluding hotels, etc.), while a double room in a Spanish homestay will be less expensive than a single room homestay.

  • Shared student apartment - double room: 260 – 500 Euros per month
  • Shared student apartment - single room: 195 – 600 Euros per month
  • Spanish homestay - double room, full board: 448 – 644 Euros per month
  • Spanish homestay - single room, full board: 448 – 744 Euros per month

Costs will vary somewhat from city to city, but you can always find a Spanish school or university program that fits your budget.

Direct enrollment: course offerings at Spanish schools in Spain

Direct enrollment: course offerings at Spanish schools in Spain

  • Art History of Spain
  • Spanish literature classes
  • History of Spain classes
  • Latin American literature classes
  • Business Spanish classes
  • Spanish classes for DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language)
  • Contemporary Issues in Spain
  • The Economy of Spain
  • Spanish cinema classes

The core courses at most of the Spanish language schools and Spanish universities are usually similar. Different Spanish schools and Spanish universities, however, may offer different electives (and maybe even at different times) so if you have a particular Spanish elective class in mind, research the schools in the city in Spain you want to go to. Description of the classes offered by a Spanish school will be on the Spanish school's website.

A typical Spanish school program (daily, Monday - Friday)

  • 1st and 2nd hour of class - Spanish grammar classes
  • 3rd hour of class - Spanish vocabulary (for beginners) / Conversation + writing about Spanish history (intermediate / advanced students)
  • 4th hour of class - Language Lab (for beginners) / Spanish literature and history (intermediate / advanced students)
  • 5th hour of class - Language lab or communication exercises (for beginners) / Spanish art, business Spanish, Spanish cinema (intermediate / advanced students)

During specific trimesters, courses in economics, political science, and international marketing are also offered as part of the International Courses offering. Students can also select additional classes in English to compliment their courseload.