Learn Spanish at a Spanish Language School in Spain

Learning Spanish in Spain at a Spanish language school for foreigners has long been a popular, effective, and really fun way of learning Spanish. There are many Spanish schools in Spain offering a wide range of Spanish language classes. There are Spanish language schools that offer Spanish classes in Spain's capital cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia. There are also Spanish language schools offering Spanish for foreigners in Spain's popular tourist destinations as well. You can learn Spanish in Alicante, Spanish in Málaga, Spanish in Cádiz, or any number of cities. If you prefer to take Spanish classes at a Spanish school in a cultural capital, Spanish language schools can also be found in Salamanca, Granada, Seville and other cultural heritage cities.

Over 100 Spanish schools in Spain offering Spanish language classes, Spanish culture courses, and more!
Popular destinations to learn Spanish in Spain

Spanish schools in Barcelona
Spanish schools in Madrid
Spanish schools in Málaga
Spanish schools in Seville
Spanish schools in Granada
Spanish schools in Salamanca
Spanish schools in Alicante

What does it cost to study abroad in Spain at a Spanish language school?

(Avg. price of Tution + Housing in a shared student apartment, in Euros.)
City 1 Month 2 Months 3 Months
6 Months
Alicante 930 1860 2790 5580
Barcelona 1067 2134 3201 6402
Cádiz 791 1554 2314 4628
Granada 874 1673 2460 4738
Madrid 1115 2200 3280 6413
Málaga 976 1923 2810 5612
Salamanca 759 1455 2101 4124
Seville 836 1624 2407 4763
Valencia 979 1930 2885 5751

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Inhispania, Spanish language school in Madrid, Spain
Spanish in Madrid
Pylmon Languages

Pylmon Languages Spanish School in Barcelona, Spain
Spanish in Barcelona

Salminter, Spanish language school in Salamanca, Spain
Spanish in Salamanca
Escuela Mediterráneo

Escuela Mediterraneo, Spanish language school in Spain
Spanish in Cadiz
Centro Melkart

Centro Melkart, Spanish language school in Cadiz, Spain
Spanish in Cadiz

Learn Spanish in Alicante, Spain
Learn Spanish in Alicante Spain

Alicante is a popular city to learn Spanish in Spain, especially among Europeans. The city is situated right on the beach and is known for its nightlife and beaches. Alicante is more manageable than Spain's larger cities, and at the same time is an energetic and fun city to learn Spanish.

Learn Spanish in Barcelona, Spain Learn Spanish in Barcelona Spain

Barcelona is one of Spain’s hottest Spanish-in-Spain destinations. Famous for Gaudí and its rich artistic heritage, Barcelona boasts a unique mix of cultures: both Catalan and Spanish are spoken in Barcelona. There are many Spanish schools in Barcelona and university programs for foreigners who want to learn Spanish in Barcelona.

Learn Spanish in Cádiz, Spain
Learn Spanish in Cádiz Spain

Cádiz, located on Spain’s Atlantic coast, is a popuar destination for both Spaniards as well as foreigners. Rich Spanish culture and wonderful beaches make Cádiz a popular Spanish-in-Spain destination

Learn Spanish in Granada, Spain Learn Spanish in Granada Spain

Granada is a city rich in many cultural influences. It has long been a popular city to learn Spanish in Spain. There are several Spanish schools and Spanish programs to choose from for those who want to learn Spanish in Granada

Learn Spanish in Madrid, Spain
Learn Spanish in Madrid Spain

Madrid, Spain's capital, is an energetic city filled with culture, museums, theatre, restaurants, cafs and more. Madrid hosts a number of Spanish language schools and Spanish universities that offer Spanish language programs for foreign students

Learn Spanish in Málaga, Spain Learn Spanish in Málaga Spain

Málaga is one of Spain's most popular seaside vacaction destinations for foreigners and Spaniards a like. It is a popular place to learn Spanish among Europeans. There are a number of Spanish schools in Málaga as well as in neighboring towns

Learn Spanish in Salamanca, Spain
Learn Spanish in Salamanca Spain

Salamanca is a university city rich in history and culture. It is one of the most popular cities to learn Spanish and there are quite a few Spanish schools offering Spanish courses to the many international students from around the world who learn Spanish in Salamanca

Learn Spanish in Seville, Spain Learn Spanish in Seville Spain

Seville, famous for Sevillanas and Flammenco, is one of Spain's largest cities and is one of Spain's top destinations for people who want to learn Spanish at one of the city's several Spanish language schools.

Learn Spanish in Valencia, Spain
Learn Spanish in Valencia Spain

Valencia, one of Spain's largest cities, is situated on Spain's Mediterranean coast. The city draws students from all over the world who want to learn Spanish at on of Valencia's Spanish language schools. It's location by the sea makes the city a popular Spanish-in-Spain destination for summer travellers.

Learn Spanish in Spain

There are Spanish schools throughout Spain—you are sure to find a wonderful city or town in Spain to discover. Check out some of the destinations listed below—you might find a place you really like that you never knew of.

Learn Spanish in Alicante, Spain
Direct Enrollment = Affordable Study Abroad

Direct Enrollment in a Spanish language school or a Spanish university language program is an affordable study abroad option, and it's easy to do. Some Spanish language schools and Spanish universities, for example, offer a "Curso de Estudios Hispanicos" course, which consists of intensive Spanish language, Spanish history, Spanish art history, Spanish literature, Spanish film, Spanish traditions, etc. At one such university, the tution costs are:

Direct enrollment tuition at a Spanish language schools or intensive Spanish program for foreigners at a Spanish university can cost as little as 500 euros for a month long class (80 class hours) 1,000 euros for a semester (10 weeks).

Most language schools and international programs at Spanish universities also offer:
  • Housing placement: student apartments, homestays, etc.
  • Cultural activities, excursions
  • Certificates of attendance or transcripts
  • On-site admin staff / intn'l office to assist students
Learn Spanish in Barcelona, Spain Getting Credit for Independent Study at Language Schools or Universities

At most language schools and Spanish university programs listed on this site, you will complete 80 class hours of Spanish in just one month. Frequently, US universities require 15 class hours for 1 semster credit. A 3-credit class requires 45 class hours, therefore, while a 4-credit class would require 60 hours. At a Spanish language school in Spain, a one-month intensive Spanish class consists of 80 class hours, while a 2-month intensive Spanish class conists of 80 class hours of Spanish (more, if you take electives!)

Spanish language schools in Spain do not only offer Spanish grammar and conversation classes. They also offer:

  • Spanish history classes
  • Spanish art history classes
  • Spanish classes for business
  • Spanish literature classes
  • Spanish civilzation classes
  • Contemporary Spanish issues
Learn Spanish in Cádiz, Spain
About the Schools

Spain is the world's most popular destination for learning Spanish. The Spanish language schools in Spain have developed a fun and effective methodolgy for teaching Spanish to foreogners-it is their speciality. Most of the Spanish schools listed on this site offer "intensive" Spanish classes consisting of 20 class hours per week. So, in one month, not only will you have learned a lot of Spanish, you will also have completed 80 class hours of Spanish. You will have met people from all over the world and truly lived studied abroad in Spain!

Who studies Spanish at Spanish language schools?Who Studies at Spanish Language Schools?

Spanish schools in Spain draw students from all over the world. If you learn Spanish at any one of the language schools in Spain you are guaranteed to meet people from all over the world. A typical Spanish school class will consist of some French, German, Italian, English, American, Japanese, Canadian, and American students, though the mix always varies. Both students and adults learn Spanish at the schools.