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Córdoba is one of Spain's most famous Andalusian towns and is the capital of the province of Córdoba. Its present population is approximately 325,000. It has been estimated that Córdoba had a thriving population of as many as 500,000 in the tenth century, which would have made it the largest city in Western Europe at the time.

Cordóba possesses one of the most extensive historical heritages in the world, and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. As a destination to learn Spanish in Spain, Cordóba offers a unique experience to immerse oneself in a city who architecture is rich with history. Cordóba is perhaps most famous for the Mezquita, which was once a Mosque and which was converted to a Cathedral after the Reconquista.
List of Spanish Schools in Córdoba
 Centro de Idiomas Larcos
Address: C/ Manchado 9 (Realejo)
14002 Córdoba, Spain
 General info about this Spanish school
Program type: Intensive Spanish in Spain / learn Spanish in Spain
Housing: Spanish homestay, shared apartment
School / Course(s): Spanish DELE classes, private classes available