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Jaca is a city in northeastern Spain, close to the border with France. It is located in the midst of the Pyrenees, in the province of Huesca, and occupies a ford on the Aragón River at what was once the crossing of two important early medieval routes.

Jaca has approximately 12,000 residents and is a prime tourist destination for those seeking some nature, summer holidays and those seeking winter sports. For those wishing to learn Spanish in Spain, but who want to be closer to the countryside than to a capital city or a beach, Jaca is an option.

Studying at a Spanish language school in Jaca will offer a different type of Spanish language learning experience in Spain. There are several ski resorts in the area, as well as an ice skating rink (not many places you can do that in Spain!) Proximity to the Pyrenees means that a variety of enjoyable non-urban activities are available when you are not learning Spanish in a language school setting.
List of Spanish Schools in Jaca
 Aula Hispánica
Address: Avda. Regimiento Galicia 15
22700 Jaca, Spain
 General info about this Spanish school
Program type: Intensive Spanish in Spain / learn Spanish in Spain
Housing: Spanish homestay, residence
School / Course(s): Spanish classes for teens and seniors also available