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Learn Spanish in Tarifa, Spain

Tarifa is a small town on the southernmost coast of the Iberian Peninsula. It is part of the province of Cádiz, which, in turn, is part of Andalusia. The town is located on the Coasta de la Luz and across the Straits of Gibraltar from Morocco, from which the lights of Tarifa are visible at night.

Tarifa is well known for its social scene during the summer. It provides a small-town friendly atmosphere and is a popular spot for northern-Europeans to spend their summers. It is also a location popular among windsurfers and kitsurfers due to the strong winds of the straits.

Learning Spanish at a Spanish language school in Tarifa offers the opportunity to learn Spanish in a smaller, but lively and exciting Spanish environment especially suited for summer visits.
List of Spanish Schools in Tarifa
Hispalense, Spanish Language School in Spain   
Address: Av. Fuerzas Armadas, 1
11380 Tarifa, Spain
Email: Email form on website
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Program type: Intensive Spanish in Spain / learn Spanish in Spain
Housing: Spanish homestay, shared apartment, camping sites
School / Course(s): Spanish classes for DELE, private Spanish classes available