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Learn Spanish in Toro, Spain

Toro, Spain is a Historic-Artistic site located in Spain's Castilla y León region, roughly half way between Zamora and Valladolid, and about 70 kilometers away from Salamanca. It is a city famous for its wine.

Toro's population is approximatley 10,000, making it a approiate destination for those wishing to learn Spanish in Spain at a Spanish language school situated in a quiter location than Spain's capital cities and tourist destinations.
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ToLingua, Spanish Language School in Spain 
Address: Plaza de la Colegiata 12
49800 Toro, Spain
Email: Email form on website
 General info about this Spanish school
Program type: Intensive Spanish in Spain / learn Spanish in Spain
Housing: Spanish homestay, shared apartment, rural hotel
School / Course(s): Spanish classes + wine class, Spanish for Senioers (50+) available