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Spanish in Valencia, Spain

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain. It has a population of almost 800,000 inhabitants, while the Valencia's metropolitan area has a population exceeding 1,730,000.

Valencia a vibrant, seaside city filled with cultural and tourist attractions. The city hosts several million visitors each year and it is a popular Spanish-in-Spain destination for those wishing to learn Spanish at a language school in Spain.
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 Hispania Universalitas
Hispania Universalitas, Spanish language school     
Address: Santa Teresa 6, puerta 5
46001 Valencia, Spain
 General info about this Spanish school
Program type: Intensive Spanish in Spain / learn Spanish in Spain
Housing: Spanish homestay, shared apartment
School / Course(s): Spanish cultural activities available.

Hispania Universalitas is a private Spanish school which has dedicated itself for 30 years to teaching Spanish as a foreign language. The schools is smal and more the familiar type which makes personal treatment easier. And that helps students to learn in an easy and pleasant manner.

There have been students of all ages learning Spanish at our school from young people to seniors. Most of our students, however, are between 20 and 45 years old.

A variety of student nationalities are represented at our school, with European and Japanese students having the greatest presence.

Our Spanish classes are given by university educated teachers that have a great deal of experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language to international students.