Study Abroad in Spain

Over 100 Spanish schools in Spain offering Spanish language classes, Spanish culture courses, and more!

Study Abroad in Spain

Spain is one of the world's top destinations for students who want to study abroad. Over 20,000 US students select Spain as their study abroad destination. While there are many factors that make Spain a stop study abroad destination, one of the most important is the Spanish language itself.

Spanish is one of the world's mot widely spoken languages and Spanish speakers in the United States continue to make Spanish an ever-important language to know.

There is no better or more effective way to learn Spanish than spend a semester or academic year learning Spanish at a Spanish language school in Spain.

Spanish language schools in Spain have been teaching not only Spanish language but also Spanish language for decades. They offer effective classes taught by university-educated Spanish teachers who hold degrees from Spanish universities in linguistics, the Spanish language, educations, art history, history, and other pertinent fields of study.

Direct Enrollment Study Abroad in Spain

US students can enroll directly at any of the Spanish schools listed on this site. Direct enrollment at a Spanish language school in Spain is the most affordable form of study abroad available to US students. Most US students choose direct enrollment during the summer because it doesn't interfere with their academic year studies.

Others who are interested in direct enrollment study abroad and who want to spend a semester or year abroad, do in fact spend a semester (or even two) studying abroad at a Spanish language school in Spain that offers classes not only in Spanish, but also classes in Spanish history, Spanish art history, Spanish literature, and several other subjects.

Independent study abroad in Spain

Some US universities allow their students to pay a small fee to maintain their matriculated status at the university while the student spends a semester of study abroad or even an entire academic year of study abroad in Spain. Those who choose direct enrollment abroad or independent study abroad may not be able to use their financial aid (check with your college or university) but the inexpensive cost of direct enrollment abroad more than makes up for this.

The Importance of Language Learning

The benefits of study abroad are many. There is perhaps no benefit more important, however, than the ability to understand foreign cultures and the ability to function effectively in the language of other cultures. This has long-been the single most important reason for studying abroad, and fluency in other languages as a benefit of study abroad outweighs all other benefits in terms of importance.

When one becomes aware of the importance of foreign-language speaking skills and the benefits of developing ones language and fluency ability as much as possible, the value of learning Spanish in Spain at a school dedicated to teaching Spanish language, history, and culture can not be over emphasized.