Who Studies at Spanish Language Schools in Spain?

Over 100 Spanish schools in Spain offering Spanish language classes, Spanish culture courses, and more!

Who studies Spanish in Spain?

Which countries?

A typical Spanish school in Spain that specializes in teaching Spanish to foreigners hosts students from 60 or so countries throughout the world. Most frequently included in the student population are students from the US, England, Sweden, Germany, France, Holland, Norway, Canada, Portugal, Brazil, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, and Japan. It is not unusual, however, to find students from countries such as China, Thailand, Iceland, Finland, Russia, Poland, Slovenia, and a host of other countries. Learning Spanish in Spain is a truly international experience that will open your eyes to a great many cultures in addition to Spanish language and culture.

Age groups

Anyone can study Spanish in Spain and all age groups are represented. Age groups will vary from school to school, and will vary from season to season (in summer for example, more teens study Spanish in Spain). Some schools offer programs for "mature" adults, while other do not (though anyone can participate in a Spanish in Spain program).

Generally, teens aged 17 - 19 will represent around 10% of the student population. The largest age group found in Spanish schools is the 20 - 30 year old group, which will represent around 40% of the student population in the Spanish school. 30 to 40 year olds will represent 35% to 40% of the students at the Spanish school, and students over age 40 will represent around 10% to 15% of the students at the Spanish school.