Why learn Spanish?

Over 100 Spanish schools in Spain offering Spanish language classes, Spanish culture courses, and more!

Why learn Spanish?

Spanish is one of the world's most widely-spoken languages. It is spoken not only in Spain, but also in Mexico, Central America, Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and all of South America, with the exception of Brazil. Whatever your educational goal, be it to become a lawyer, engineer, doctor, diplomat, or whatever, being fluent in Spanish means that you will be more attractive to future employers.

Future employers will know that you can communicate with potential or current clients from anywhere in the Spanish speaking world. Furthermore, they will trust that you have a knowledge and understanding of foreign cultures: even though you are not an expert, your study abroad experience(s) will be of great value to you (and to your employer) in dealing with people from all foreign cultures in general, and specifically with Spanish-speaking cultures.

Spanish is also an increasingly important language in the United States as well. As the Spanish-speaking population in the US grows, more and more US (and foreign) businesses seek to tap into this lucrative, growing market. Being a Spanish speaker yourself will mean having the ability to participate in and benefit from these future trends.

In addition, if you learn Spanish as best as you can, and you spend time living in Spain, you will gain a tremendous amount of insight not only into Spain, Spanish culture, and Spanish politics, but you will also gain tremendous insight into European politics, and from there into world events.

This, in turn, will enable you to see the US and contemporary issues facing the US in a different, more informed, and more sophisticated light.