Why learn Spanish in Spain?

Over 100 Spanish schools in Spain offering Spanish language classes, Spanish culture courses, and more!

Why learn Spanish in Spain? There are many reasons...

  • Spanish schools in Spain are well-versed in teaching Spanish to foreigners
  • Spanish schools in Spain offer the most affordable study abroad programs available
  • Spain in one of the world's top study abroad destinations
  • Spain hosts students and adults who want to learn Spanish from all over the world
  • Spain has rich and diverse art history
  • Spain has rich and diverse architecture
  • Spain has deep and varied cultural traditions
  • Spain has unique and deep history
  • Spain is one of the most fun countries in Europe

It is difficult to emphasize how much history, art, and culture can be found in Spain—and it's easy to miss once you're there because Spain is so much fun. Nonetheless, the world outside of your Spanish class becomes a living classroom itself as you constantly hear Spanish, speak Spanish, and take in the artistic, historical, and cultural sites.

While this experience is perhaps true of many study abroad programs, it is worth mentioning again. Spain is rich in culture. In fact, it is so rich in culture and customs, that much can be missed even though so much has been learned and absorbed. For that reason, it is always advisable to take at least one class in Spanish culture—Art History, the History of Spain, etc., that will help you to see more and understand better the complex aspects of Spanish culture and history.

More reasons for learning Spanish in Spain

  • Spain borders France and direct train service to France makes visiting France easy
  • Spain borders Portugal and direct train service to Portugal makes visiting Portugal easy
  • There is frequent ferry service to Morocco, making travel to this North African country easy
  • Many low-cost air carriers from several countries in Europe make further European travel affordable
  • Living costs in Spain are reasonable
  • Spanish weather is fantastic
  • Studying Spanish in Spain will not expose you only to Spain, but also to Europe and people from many cultures